A tribology conclusion to friction control through metallurgically proven and well-qualified science.

Simply said - “WEARGONE stands alone in a world full of copy cats.”




Our History

For the last 20 years we have been working to engineer a product that would offer an un-parallel metal conditioning performance while being environmentally sound science. Having consulted heat, wear and metallurgical tribology for over 25 years, we discovered reliability and sustainability in PM programs like nothing else.

Dedicated Expertise

Through studies at USX Engineers and Consultants to working directly with NASA Lubrication specialists and the heaviest equipment moved on earth. We gained knowledge of the competition and their limitations. Our innovation came about through tempering knowledge and case hardening surfaces through friction.

Our Mission

From the understanding of past technologies and the attempts to control friction and wear to determine their failure limits, a quest was born to go far beyond any other technology. This quest has not been from a marketing prospective of trying to simply outdo or outperform other technology but rather to create controlled scientific perfection.



Conventional lubrication, in most cases, uses a petroleum-based lubricant of various weights and make up to create a barrier between two metal surfaces. And until today that was the best way to slow down wear and friction. But now we have WearGone.


WearGone from EarthSaver Innovations, LLC. is a bio-based product that will not only lubricate but also reduce friction. WearGone reduces friction, heat, and it does this in a way that sustains this friction reduction for a significant period of time. WearGone’s proprietary bio-based formula creates a barrier that causes the surface of each of the metals to change. They become harder, they become microscopically smoother, and WearGone creates a charge between the metals that cause them to repel each other. So it is like two magnets with the same polarity – they repel. And just like these two magnets floating above each other the drag is reduced and thus friction is reduced, wear, and operating temperatures are reduced.

Operate in extreme pressure and temperature

The WearGone proprietary technology is proven to operate in extreme pressures and extreme temperatures. Actually the higher the temperature the better WearGone technology performs. In addition to helping reduce wear and friction on metal, WearGone will treat Elastomer seals in such a way they last longer due to WearGone’s seal conditioning properties.

Chlorine Free

WearGone products are free of chlorine and other heavy metals found in other so called “friction reducers”. WearGone modifies the metals surface…we change it in a way that is sustainable for a longer period of time. WearGone will not flake off like most other friction reducers.



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